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Injured 'Transformers 3' Extra Gabriela Cedillo Files Suit

Chicagoan Gabriela Cedillo thought working as an extra on the set of another "Transformers" sequel would be one small but important step toward her dream of becoming an actress. But it turned into a nightmare during a stunt gone wrong; now her family has sued Paramount Pictures for negligence, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

She reportedly has no memory of the accident that left her unable to walk or speak. Gabriela Cedillo was struck in the head by a severed tow cable that smacked into the hood of her car and then through her windshield during the filming of a stunt in Chicago on Sept. 21.

Her Chicago accident attorney, Todd A. Smith, blamed the accident on an allegedly poor welding job and said the mechanism intended to connect the chain to the stunt car was "done on the fly." He also claims extras were not informed of any potential risks associated with the stunts.

Defendant Paramount Pictures didn't directly address the lawsuit in a statement issued earlier this week:

"We are all terribly sorry that this accident occurred. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with Gabriela, her family and loved ones. The production will continue to provide all the help we can to Gabriela and her family during this difficult time."

Gabriela Cedillo is now at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and can only communicate by writing short notes on paper.

The Associated Press reported that the accident left Gabriela Cedillo permanently brain damaged, paralyzed on one side and with one eye stitched shut.  

In addition to Paramount, metal distributor Ryerson Inc. also was named as a defendant in the suit. Todd Smith told Chicago Tribune reporters that the accident never should have happened, that it "occurred as a result of carelessness."Now it will be up to the courts to decide.

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