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Grandmother Of '16 And Pregnant' Star May Sue For Defamation

Kathleen Green, the grandmother of one of the stars of MTV's reality television show "16 and Pregnant," told reporters at celebrity gossip web site that she may sue the show's producers for defamation.

She's the grandmother of father Isaiah Green, one of the "baby daddies" featured on the show.

The potential plaintiff said MTV's "set up" shots and use of editing misrepresented her family in one episode that focuses on Isaiah Green, teenage mother Christinna Robinson and the birth of their daughter, Destiny. In fact, she claims, "nothing that aired is what happened" in real life.

Granted, reality shows are hardly known for fairness and subtlety, often aiming for conflict and controversy at all costs.

She insists MTV portrayed her as a "cold-hearted bitch" when she handed her granddaughter a DNA test. She claims MTV left out the fact that Christinna had told her she was sexually active with another man.

Kathleen Green understandably was angry at the girl's supposed promiscuity. But is MTV's allegedly inaccurate production job defamation? Do Chicago injury lawyers expect such a suit to have legs?, at least, didn't seem to have much sympathy for the family, saying they "should be grateful that they're receiving a paycheck for simply skulking through their own often ludicrous existences."

Meanwhile, MTV is remaining mum on the issue and probably won't say anything unless a suit is actually filed.

It will all come to the application of the law to the facts in the case if Kathleen Green ends up suing. But it's important to mention that one of the defenses to a defamation claim is consent, according to FindLaw, which the castmembers presumably gave the producers before the show went into production.

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