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Rise In Slip And Falls In Chicago Lead To More ER Visits

The Chicago Sun-Times reported numerous slip and fall accidents resulting from icy streets and sidewalks have sent many Chicago-area locals to the hospital during this winter season. One Chicago emergency room reported a 30 percent increase in patients visiting overnight as a result of weather-related injuries.

The Northwestern Memorial Hospital said it had a 20 percent rise in ER visits while Rush University Medical Center reported a 30 percent increase. The sudden rise in ER visits was mostly, if not all, linked to icy conditions. Many patients arrived to the hospitals with dislocated shoulders and wrist and hip fractures.

"We've been pretty busy with people slipping and falling," said Rush's spokesperson Kim Waterman. She said the most serious weather-related injury thus far has been a fractured ankle.

Many Chicago residents remained susceptible to injury from the weather even after they were warned about the dangerous icy conditions. Michelle Penwitt, an Elmhurst local, was on her way to work when she slipped and fell while getting on board the Metra at the Olgivie Transportation Center. She was even wearing practical, flat-soled boots.

"I just ended up on my hip. I'm sure I'll get a bruise tomorrow," Penwitt said.

Individuals who have sustained injuries from a slip and fall on another person's property may file a claim alleging the owner of the property was responsible for the dangerous conditions that led to the injury. A skilled Chicago personal injury attorney can evaluate a potential injury claim and determine whether any compensation may be available for that case.

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