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Jill Cataldo Finds Expired Food In Dominick's Grocery Stores

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Popular blogger and suburban mom Jill Cataldo was surprised and outraged when she discovered the cartloads of expired food that were left on the shelves of her local grocery store, Dominick's. According to CBS2 Chicago, Cataldo decided to investigate the issue after she received a complaint from a reader.

She visited two Dominick's stores in the Chicago-area and even brought a home video camera along with her to document her findings. Cataldo said she found 435 expired food items at the grocery store in Carpentersville, which included outdated cereal, barbeque sauce, and salad dressing.

Kurt Becker Urges House Panel To Support Head Trauma Bill

Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kurt Becker pushed a House panel on Wednesday to support the legislation focused on raising awareness about head trauma and providing concussion safeguards for student athletes in high school. Becker also shared the recent suicide of his former teammate, Dave Duerson, and noted that repeated head trauma may have contributed to Duerson’s death.

“The end result is that concussions are a very serious matter in contact sports,” Becker told the panel. The Chicago Sun-Times reported the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee ended up unanimously passing the bill, which has now been sent to the full House for a vote.

Online Jury Helps Settle Personal Disputes On JabberJury Website

Chicago entrepreneurs Kevin Wielgus and Angelo Rago have created a new website called According to the ABA Journal, the site provides an opportunity for individuals to settle their personal disputes and problems before an online jury of their peers.

The idea came about after Rago resolved an argument he had with his girlfriend about whether she had the right to be mad at him for refusing to visit her father in the hospital. (Her father was suffering from hemorrhoids at the time.) Angelo Rago was apparently able to settle the issue after he asked a few bar patrons to share their views on the dispute.

Suit Claims Araceli Beas Updated Facebook During Fatal Car Crash

Regina Cabrales has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Araceli Beas, the driver allegedly responsible for a fatal car crash that killed her father, Chicago local Raymond Veloz. Cabrales filed the suit in Cook County Circuit Court and claimed Beas had been updating her Facebook page with her cell phone when she ran into Veloz, 70, last December.

Another vehicle struck Veloz's car as he was driving through a South Chicago neighborhood, according to Chicago Breaking News. Veloz had gotten out of his car to exchange information with the other driver when Beas accidentally drove her auto right into the elderly man.

Vjollca Lecaj Sues McDonald's For Glass In Her Sandwich

Reuters recently reported that Vjollca Lecaj filed a lawsuit against McDonald's Corp., claiming she suffered serious and permanent oral injuries last August while dining at an Illinois McDonald's located in Oak Lawn, close to Chicago.

Lecaj said she was eating a spicy McChicken sandwich when she bit into and chewed on a "large shard of glass." She filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court and alleged that her sandwich may have been contaminated after a glass coffee pot overheated and exploded. The suit said that the sudden explosion may have scattered bits and pieces of glass shards that ended up landing on her food.

Richard Tobar and City of Chicago Face Lawsuit For Pedestrian Death

Truck driver Richard Tobar and the City of Chicago are currently facing a lawsuit brought against them by the family of 44-year-old Alberto Moya, who was killed in a pedestrian accident after a snow removal truck ran into him.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's office declared Moya dead on the scene, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The results of an autopsy revealed he died from suffering numerous injuries from the accident. Police officials said Moya was hit by a city Department of Transportation fleet truck and issued Tobar a ticket for operating the vehicle in reverse and neglecting to exercise due care for a pedestrian.

Chicago City Council Settles Jaylen Raggs Suit For $1.55M

A Chicago City Council committee agreed to pay $1.55 million of taxpayers' money to settle the lawsuit brought against them by the family of 4-year-old Jaylen Raggs, whose head was struck by a fallen branch after city workers finished trimming a parkway tree.

The accident, which happened in March 2006, caused Raggs to suffer from a depressed skull fracture, undergo a craniotomy, and remain in the hospital for two and a half weeks. The 4-year-old continued to suffer from permanent damage five years after the accident, reported the Chicago-Sun Times.

One Death, Two Injuries in South Side Fire

A woman was killed and two others were hurt, possibly as a result of the negligence of others. Firefighters report that a fire began in a CHA senior housing building the morning of February 3, on the South Side. Chicago Fire Department spokesman Richard Rosado told the Chicago Sun-Times the fire started at 10:20 a.m. on the third floor of the Minnie Riperton apartments, at 4250 S. Princeton.

The woman killed in the fire was found by firefighters during a search of the premises. She was found on a bed inside the apartment where the fire started, reported the Sun-Times. The others hurt in the blaze were a woman who suffered smoke inhalation and a firefighter who twisted his knee. Both were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Plaza Hotel Elevator Should Have Failed Inspection

As mentioned in a previous post, a 2-year-old boy riding an elevator alone at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Joliet had fallen 30-feet through the elevator's shaft after it had inadvertently stopped between the first and second floors. The child was hospitalized after suffering serious head trauma from the fall in January, but family members say he is expected to recover.

A city official said the Plaza Hotel should have failed an elevator inspection that was done in October, according to the TribLocal. City records revealed the elevator had initially failed its first inspection but passed a second one.

Tyreesha Fraley Allegedly Involved In Hit And Run Accident

Police reported 21-year-old Tyreesha Fraley of South Claremont faced several criminal charges for allegedly driving her car onto the sidewalk close to 69th and State Streets and running into a 56-year-old woman who was waiting for a bus. Authorities said the victim was left with leg that had to be amputated and other serious injuries after the car accident.

According the Chicago Sun-Times, Fraley and a female passenger in her vehicle decided to run off and quickly left the scene on foot after the crash. The two women headed west to the CTA station between 69th Street and the Dan Ryan. Law enforcement officials issued a community alert, and Fraley was soon identified and arrested.