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Shooting In South Side Leaves 11 Injured, But No One Hit By Bullet

A car recently slammed into a crowded No. 75 bus in front a South Side diner in Chicago after speeding and attempting to escape a barrage of bullets shot by an unknown gunman in an SUV. Although the terrible car crash sent 11 people to the hospital, with two suffering severe injuries, police officials reported a rather unbelievable piece of news:

No one was hit by a bullet.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chef Albert Perkins from Ryan Anthony's restaurant said he had witnessed a dispute begin outside between passengers in a black car and two men in a red truck. Suddenly, two men from the truck had brought out their firearms, and soon enough the streets were covered with gunfire.

Anna Bourtseva Sues Adidas For Defective Midiru Shoes

Many Chicago residents may be intrigued with the latest lawsuit filed in Cook County Court against the popular shoe company, Adidas North America Inc. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Wheeling local Anna Bourtseva claimed the new Adidas Midiru shoes she bought were made with materials that stuck together, which caused her to fall.

Bourtseva contended in her two-count lawsuit that she was left with severe injuries on June 12, 2010, from falling because her new shoes became stuck together. The suit stated that she fell forward and suffered serious internal and external injuries that left her with contusions, bruises, and lacerations on her body.

Plaintiffs' Attorneys Argue That Removing Juror From Case Was Unfair

In a civil suit filed by an African-American family against the city of Chicago and two police officers, a man was removed from the jury in the middle of the trial. During proceedings in federal court, the city's lawyers found that he failed to mention his arrest record during jury selection, according to Chicago Breaking News.

The attorneys had been suspicious when the man appeared to smile during voir dire while he said he had never been arrested by Chicago police. The lawyers also noticed the juror nodding in agreement when the plaintiff's attorney presented their side of the case. They eventually asked the Law Department to check the juror's background, and records revealed he had been arrested 8 times.

Illinois Cyclists Ask State To Keep Track Of "Dooring" Accidents

Even though Illinois state traffic laws have recently been modified to create stronger safety measures for bikers, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) officials have been turning down pleas to track what many cycling advocates believe is actually the most common type of bicycle accident: "dooring."

Cyclists claim they suffered a number of serious injuries and at least one fatality during the last couple of years after being "doored," which is when a biker is struck by a car door after it has been suddenly opened in front of a his or her path. But the Chicago Tribune reported that IDOT has denied requests to keep records of such accidents, since the vehicles in those cases are not in motion.

Cherry Hardie Sues Over Broken Toilet Seat At McDonald's

A woman claimed she was recently injured at a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago’s South Side after a toilet broke inside a bathroom stall. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the incident led Cherry Hardie to file a negligence suit in Cook County Court against Phideb Management Services, the owner of the McDonald’s restaurant on S. Vincennes Avenue.

Hardie said that on March 12, 2010, the seat of the toilet had fallen off while she was sitting in the stall. The lawsuit claims she had reached for the bathroom wall in an attempt to catch herself and avoid falling off the toilet. But instead, Hardie ended up suffering serious injuries on her left arm and shoulder, which hit the bathroom wall.

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Over Crash that Killed Bahra Echmail

Chicago police officials reported Bahra Echmail, 17, was killed this past January in a DUI-related car crash. According to the Chicago Tribune, Echmail's mother Nahreen Jahanna has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against 20-year-old Francisco Campos, the man who was driving the vehicle that Echmail was a passenger in.

Nahreen Jahanna's attorney, Tony Kalogerakos, filed the suit earlier this week on behalf of his client and Echmail's sister, Berola, who was also in the automobile when the accident occurred. The lawsuit, which seeks more than $1 million in damages, also contends that Berola had suffered serious injuries from the car crash.

Alderman John Rice Files Defamation Suit Against Nicholas Sposato

Chicago Alderman John Rice has recently sued Nicholas Sposato, one of his opponents in the 36th Ward run-off races. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rice accused Sposato of defamation after he tried to allegedly connect Rice to a news report involving Frank Calabrese Jr., a former mobster who has now become an author.

Rice noted a press conference held by Sposato earlier this month where he claimed Sposato had "maliciously and wrongfully accused" him of **illegal activity. The lawsuit, which was filed in Cook County Circuit Court, said Calabrese had spoken about making inroads with the 36th Ward Regular Democratic Organization in the past.

Grain Bin Accidents On The Rise In Illinois

The Chicago Tribune reported three young workers in Mount Carroll, Illinois sank into a funnel of corn that pulled them towards the bottom of a large grain bin. The accident, which occurred this past July, led do the death of fourteen-year-old Wyatt Whitebread and 19-year-old Alejandro “Alex” Pacas.

The incident highlighted concerns regulators held about grain bin accidents, which have become a dangerous workplace hazard in many farms including those outside Chicago. These accidents can happen when a worker enters the bin to break up the chunks of corn that form when the gains are moist and begin to decay.

Dell Class Action Settlement: Are you Owed Money?

Way back in 2006 a class action suit over a defective product was brought against Dell Computers over their line of Inspiron laptops. The suit was settled in 2010 and the Dell class action settlement was finalized in December of 2010. So why is this news today? According to The Consumerist, the settlement is finally going to be paid out and those who had a Dell laptop might be owed some money.

The Consumerist writes the suit alleged the Inspiron laptops were "deceptively designed." Specifically, the plaintiffs in this case claimed the computers had three major design flaws:

High School Sports Concussions Bill Passes Through State House

The bill on high school sport concussions unanimously passed this week in the State House with a vote of 112-0 and has now been moved to the Senate, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Under the measure, school districts across the state would be required to adopt certain guidelines that seek to protect student athletes from concussions.

Referees in sports games will have to counsel coaches when a student athlete shows any indications of a concussion and make sure that the student gets evaluated by a medical professional under the guidelines from the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). Parents will also have to agree and sign off on these guidelines prior to allowing their children to engage in any sports at schools.