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High School Sports Concussions Bill Passes Through State House

The bill on high school sport concussions unanimously passed this week in the State House with a vote of 112-0 and has now been moved to the Senate, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Under the measure, school districts across the state would be required to adopt certain guidelines that seek to protect student athletes from concussions.

Referees in sports games will have to counsel coaches when a student athlete shows any indications of a concussion and make sure that the student gets evaluated by a medical professional under the guidelines from the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). Parents will also have to agree and sign off on these guidelines prior to allowing their children to engage in any sports at schools.

However, State Representative Will Davis from Chicago was concerned that low-income school districts would have to pay more to have a professional physician to examine injured athletes, which had been a requirement mentioned in a previous draft of the legislation. House Minority Leader Tom Cross, who sponsored the bill, said the requisite was removed to ease the financial burden for those districts.

Marty Hickman, the executive director of IHSA, said most schools already seem to be in compliance with the association's guidelines but believes the support from new legislation will help get more parents involved and raise awareness on the problem of student athlete's suffering concussions.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a concussion or other injury from a sports-related accident, you may be entitled to recover damages for the harm that resulted. To learn more about your legal options in a case involving a sports injury, seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer who can determine the legal remedies available in your case.

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