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Illinois Begins Tracking Bicycle "Dooring" Accidents

Many bicyclists in Illinois have suffered injuries from crashing into opened doors from parked cars, although such data was previously not recorded by the state until now. As some Chicago residents may have heard, Governor Pat Quinn recently announced the state will start tracking “dooring” accidents in an effort to provide better protection for cyclists.

Collaboration between the Active Transportation Alliance and the Illinois Department of Transportation has helped push the new dooring tracking policy forward, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. IDOT’s annual traffic statistic reports did not originally include data on dooring accidents, since moving vehicles were not involved in such collisions.

Lovera Staples' Children Sue Ridgeview Nursing Home

Chicago resident Mary Staples and two of her siblings have filed a lawsuit against Ridgeview Nursing Home in the city's North Side and accused the facility of negligence after it allegedly failed to inform them about their mother's death in May 2010.

The three family members claimed Ridgeview did not notify them about Lovera Staples' death until Mary called four months later to wish her mother a happy birthday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The family contends they had suffered emotional distress from the incident and seek over $50,000 in damages from the nursing home.

Tyree Davis Blames Chili's For Serving Her 4-year-old Alcohol

Chicago mother Tyree Davis claimed a Chili's restaurant in South Side had mistakenly served her 4-year-old daughter Brooklyn an alcoholic beverage on April 17, 2011. Instead of getting the chocolate shake she ordered for her daughter, Davis said received a Mudslide, which contains Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream, and vodka.

Davis apparently suspected something was wrong when Brooklyn refused to finish her drink, according to NBC Chicago. She said the waitress later "tried to take the drink and leave the shake and I said no, leave the drink and go get your manager." Davis then began taking photos of the beverages and contacted police.

Chicago Drivers May Face Higher Costs For City Stickers

A proposal introduced at a Chicago City Council Meeting may give hybrid owners a considerable break but require all other motorists to pay more for city stickers. Owners of vehicles that cause the most corrosion and wear on city streets, like SUVs and trucks, may be those expected to pay the most under the proposed measure.

"Hummers are harder on our roads. They make more potholes, they are harder on our environment. They take up more room," said Alderman Proco Joe Moreno (1st), who proposed the bill. "Go get your Hummer - this is America. I'm not saying you shouldn't have it. But pay your fair share."

James Arthur Sues Cemetery For Broken Hip After Slip And Fall

In an interesting negligence suit filed against a mausoleum in Skokie, a man claimed he tripped and broke his hip after an employee turned out the lights because he apparently wanted to leave and go home early.

Chicago Breaking News reported James Arthur, who filed the suit in Cook County, was visiting a relative’s burial chamber on April 2009 at the Memorial Park Cemetery when the lights suddenly went out, which caused him to slip and fall. The suit claims one of Arthur’s family members had even told a worker in the area that their visit would be brief before he began closing the mausoleum.

Medical And Hospital Mistakes Still Occur In US Hospitals

U.S. researchers say nearly one in three people in the country will likely face some sort of blunder while staying in a hospital, based on a new tool used to calculate hospital mistakes. According to Reuters, the results indicate that much work is still needed to improve the quality of healthcare in the United States, including Chicago.

Medical errors can range from objects left in a patient's body after surgery, to bedsores and severe staph infections, which can lead to a potential medical malpractice suit. "We've seen improvements in health care over the past decade ... but overall progress has been agonizingly slow," said Editor-in-chief Susan Dentzer of Health Affairs, which published some studies on patient safety.

Chicago couple Fritzie and Cameron Burkett filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Park Ridge's Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, accusing its staff of negligence for the death of their 6-week-old son, Genesis Burkett.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Genesis died one month and nine days after he was born at the hospital. The parents alleged that Lutheran General's workers had carelessly given their infant an intravenous bag with "approximately 60 times the dose of sodium ordered by the physician."

Olga Alexsoff Sues Naperville Police For False Arrest

Olga Alexsoff, from southwest suburban Lemont, filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Naperville police officers, claiming they had intentionally touched her breasts and vaginal area when they illegally searched her home last June. She said the police arrived after her son had just driven into the driveway.

The officers arrested Alexsoff’s son and attempted to take his car without informing her why he was being taken into custody, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The lawsuit alleges that one of the cops ended up grabbing both of Alexsoff’s arms and forcefully put his knee on her back as he violently turned her around and handcuffed her.

3-year-old Jayson Dansby Dies After Falling Off Roller Coaster

Some Chicago locals may have heard about a recent roller coaster accident where a 3-year-old boy from Dolton was killed after falling out of a roller coaster ride for kids at Norridge's indoor family entertainment center, Go Bananas.

Norridge Police Chief James Jobe reported that young Jayson Dansby and his twin brother were both on the ride when the little boy managed to release himself from the safety bar and get stuck between two cars. "For some reason, he crawled out from underneath the safety bar, and he fell and died from head injuries," said Jobe.