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How to Report Medicare Fraud

Diabetes patients who turned over their Medicare information to Gary Winner and his company Planned Eldercare may have been in for a surprise when they received a $286 penis pump in the mail. Touting prostate comfort and other health remedies, these penis pumps were in fact re-packaged $26 pumps bought from an adult website.

Medicare fraud may not be as obvious as receiving a penis pump in the mail. Many people on Medicare receive a variety of services and products, and it is very easy for the unscrupulous to take advantage of the system. Thus, it is very important that you know how to report Medicare fraud to stop the abuse.

Lesbian Partner Seeks Relief in Indiana Stage Collapse Lawsuit

Last month, a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair killing seven people. A Chicago woman, Christina Santiago, was one of those killed. Now, Santiago’s same-sex partner, Alisha Brennon, has brought an Indiana stage collapse lawsuit seeking to recover damages on behalf of Santiago. The problem is, Indiana does not recognize civil unions or same-sex marriage.

In June, Santiago and Brennon held a ceremony recognizing their civil union in Chicago, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The State of Illinois had just adopted new law that allowed same-sex couples to join together and receive many of the same rights as married couples. However, this law was only recognized within the state and may carry no weight in other states without similar laws, or with the federal government.

Fox Jay Cutler Headlines, Defamation?

In Week 1, the Fox NFL pregame show aired a segment where it flashed three fictitious headlines about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The headlines seemed so real, it even fooled Fox analyst Daryl Johnston who described the headlines as "actual headlines" on air. This past Sunday, Fox pregame show host Curt Menefee apologized for the Jay Cutler headlines.

But is this apology too late, and does Cutler have legal recourse?

In the NFC Championship game against the Packers last year, Cutler had a pretty bad showing before deciding to take most of the second half off citing a knee injury. Cutler was destroyed by the media and even by fellow players who called into question his heart and courage.

Traffic Courts Go Easy on Chicago Cab Drivers

Whether you’re looking to catch a taxi cab or not, you should keep your eyes peeled for Chicago cab drivers. That’s because taxi cabs are responsible for over one out of every four car/pedestrian accidents, and traffic courts tend to ignore cab driver traffic violations — keeping dangerous cab drivers on the road.

In an alarming investigation by the Chicago Tribune, the paper found that taxi drivers are the most frequent abusers of traffic laws and also have the highest rate of having their charges dismissed by traffic courts.

Cleaning Products "Proximate" Cause of Cop's Death?

Chicago police officer Kevin Robinson faced a lot of dangers at work. But it wasn't flying bullets or a violent felon that killed Robinson, instead it was dangerous cleaning products.

In March, the 42-year-old Robinson was at morning roll call, and as was typical, the janitorial staff was cleaning the room by spraying chemical products, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. For years, janitors routinely sprayed the room, and there have never been any reports or complaints of illness.

Lincoln-Way East High School Runner Dies After Getting Hit by Car

A Lincoln-Way East High School cross-country runner dies after getting hit by a car. The victim, Patrick Mizwicki was 14-years-old and a high school freshman.

Mizwicki was running with several members of the track team on a forest trail near 104th Avenue and Cal-Sag Road, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The trail is popular with cross country runners and there were six or seven teams practicing in the area when the accident occurred.

Health and Safety in School Questioned

On the same day, a University of Chicago researcher was exposed to dangerous bacteria and Hinsdale high school students were sickened by dangerous fumes, prompting one to question health and safety in school.

At the University of Chicago, an unidentified female scientist was studying the B. cereus bacteria that can cause food poisoning when she accidentally contracted a skin infection from exposure to the bacteria, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Dad Sues for Daughter's Sexual Assault in School

It’s perhaps every father's worst nightmare: His little girl is repeatedly sexually assaulted at school while supposedly under the protection of teachers and school officials.

At Pullman Elementary School in Cook County, this nightmare actually happened. Now the father is suing the school for $100,000 blaming school officials for not stopping his daughter's sexual assault in school.

Chicago Pothole Costs City $300,000

In 2008, Zuriel Padilla was a restaurant manager and college student. Now he’s an amputee who spends most of his time in bed rest. All thanks to a Chicago pothole. Now the city is set to pay up, working out a settlement agreement to pay Padilla $300,000 for his injuries, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Padilla was driving home from a relative’s party on a snowy February night in 2008. As he was driving his Chevrolet Camaro near Archer and Kedzie in the Southwest Side’s Brighton Park neighborhood, his whole life changed in an instant, reports the Sun-Times. Padilla struck a deep pothole that caused his car to jump a curb and strike a fire hydrant. Padilla’s leg was so severely injured in the accident, doctors amputated it the following day.

Chicago Crib Bumper Pad Ban Approved

It's official, the Chicago crib bumper pad ban is in effect. The City of Chicago became the first city in the country to ban the sale of the popular item citing bumper dangers like suffocation.

Crib bumper pads have gained immense popularity in recent years. Many high-end retailers sell the padded lining for cribs that are often decorated with little cartoon characters and bright colors to give even greater cuteness to where your cute baby sleeps.

Westchester Pedestrian Struck by Car, Dies -- Police at Fault?

An unidentified South Side woman was killed while walking on a marked median lane in Westchester at about 6:10 a.m. The pedestrian struck by car was apparently in the area after being dropped off by police.

The woman was pulled over by police a few hours earlier at 3:30 a.m. for driving in the wrong direction on I-290, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. She was cited for a DUI after failing field sobriety tests and brought to the police station.

Kin Sushi Chicago: Ceiling Falls on Patrons

You probably thought that the most dangerous thing you could experience at a Japanese restaurant was a severe bout of food poisoning. But patrons at Kin Sushi and Thai Cuisine got a whole lot more when a large wooden fixture fell from the ceiling inside the restaurant.

Passerbys of Kin Sushi Chicago said they heard a loud bang inside the restaurant and then shouts and a mass of dust particles, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Shortly afterwards, restaurant guests emerged from the building with bleeding heads.

Declan Sullivan Aerial Lift Accident Sparks UpRight! Campaign

Declan Sullivan, of Long Grove, was killed last fall in an aerial lift accident while filming football practice at Notre Dame. Now his parents want to prevent others from a similar fate as they help kick off the UpRight! campaign bringing awareness to the dangers of aerial lifts.

The Notre Dame football team was practicing last October in windy conditions, reports the Daily Herald. As part of the practice, Sullivan, a film and marketing major, was sent up in a scissor lift to record the practice from above. On that day, the wind hit 53 mph, prompting Sullivan to express concerns for his safety on social media sites.