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Derrick Rose Settles Lawsuit

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose agreed last year to pay $100,000 to University of Memphis basketball ticketholders in a settlement of a threatened lawsuit. Rose was sued along with his coach at the time, John Calipari, and the terms of the settlement were just released this week.

In 2008, Rose and Calipari led the Memphis Tigers to a NCAA-record 38 wins. The team eventually lost to Kansas in the championship. However, it was later alleged that Memphis knowingly allowed an ineligible player to play on the team. That player is widely believed to be Rose, whose low SAT scores would have made him ineligible, reports The Associated Press.

While Rose became the number one pick and a perennial All-Star with the Bulls, the Memphis Tigers were left in shambles the following year. Last year, team ticketholders threatened to sue Rose and Calipari arguing that the ticketholders spent money for tickets under false pretenses, reports AP. The ticketholders also sued saying that the value of their tickets the following year was ruined as Memphis had to deal with sanctions for Rose's alleged ineligibility.

It's not clear under what legal theory that a coach and player would be liable for ticket sales. However, Rose and Calipari agreed to settle the lawsuit and agreed to pay $100,000. The pair denied any responsibility in the settlement.

Most personal injury lawsuits end up being settled. Going to court and arguing a case before a jury is costly and time-consuming. In addition, you have no idea how a jury will rule. Settlement is often a cheaper alternative even if the defendant is not liable.

Derrick Rose and John Calipari agreed to pay out $100,000 to end the threatened lawsuit. That amount of money is a drop in the bucket for the two, and they clearly felt that the expenses of going to trial, as well as the negative publicity, was not worth going to trial.

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