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How to Avoid Halloween Accidents Involving Cars and Kids

We've written before that Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians. The danger is most prevalent with children and the mayor has even pushed for hidden cameras to catch speeders in areas filled with children like school zones and parks.

Halloween can be a particularly dangerous time for children as kids are out at night trick or treating, often running across the street to go from home to home. To decrease the chances of Halloween accidents, there are precautions that parents can take.

First, if your children are young, you should take your children out trick or treating yourself. And if possible, take your children out before the sun has set.

When crossing a street, cross at crosswalks. Avoid jaywalking and try to only cross in a large group. Motorists may have trouble stopping or seeing a trick or treater crossing the street in a non-designated area or a single child crossing by himself.

You should also plan out your trick or treating route. This doesn't mean you need a GPS and detailed map, but you should have a general idea where you are going and only travel to familiar neighborhoods.

Finally, you may want to consider costumes and accessories that can decrease the chance of a Halloween accident. For example, bright colored costumes will obviously be more visible to motorists. In addition, you can consider adding reflective materials to costumes and treat sacks.

These are just some tips to avoid Halloween accidents. Chicago can be a dangerous time for pedestrians, but with proper safety planning, you can help avoid injuries.

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