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Suit over Chicago Police Shooting Death of West Humboldt Man

The family of Pedro Gonzalez has filed a lawsuit over the Chicago police shooting death of the 21-year-old man.

In the lawsuit, the family claims that the Chicago police wrongly shot the West Humboldt Park man who was unarmed and presented no threat to police officers. They also accuse the police of pressuring witnesses against Gonzalez and making false claims that the young man was armed, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Deep Fry Turkey Safety Tips

An 86-year-old Chicago man was deep-frying 25 turkeys over the weekend (presumably for sale), when the 30 quarts of hot oil he was using deep fried his own leg, reports ABC. Serafino Alfe suffered third-degree burns and unfortunately, he is probably just one of many who will hurt themselves over the holidays by deep frying the bird.

So knowing deep fry turkey safety tips is critical if you or your relatives plan on throwing the turkey into a vat of oil.

Black Friday Deaths on Thanksgiving?

In 2008, a Walmart employee was trampled to death when the store opened at 5:00 a.m. Friday morning. As the store opened, thousands of shoppers rushed into the store with “hundreds of people” stepping on, and killing, the fallen employee.

Perhaps in an effort to avoid Black Friday deaths, or more likely in an attempt to increase Black Friday sales, many Chicago area stores have announced that they are opening their stores even earlier for Black Friday — oftentimes on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Mom Sues Tow Company for Towing Car with Baby Still Inside

Natasha Johnson is suing the Rendered Services towing company for allegedly towing her car with her four-year-old daughter still inside. As a result of the mishap, Johnson claims that her daughter, Jakala Walker, was stuck in the car for more than two hours on a cold November day and suffered frost bite.

Last November, Johnson's friend, Henry Merchant, parked the car carrying the little girl in front of a dry cleaning store across the street from Paul Cuffee Academy, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Merchant had parked so that he could pick up Johnson's three other children.

Archdiocese of Chicago Lawsuit: Pay Sex Abuse Victim $3.2M

In the wake of the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky sex scandal, the Archdiocese of Chicago probably felt that there was no sympathetic jury out there, and agreed to settle a sex abuse lawsuit for $3.2 million.

Along with the timing of the Archdiocese of Chicago lawsuit, this sex abuse scandal and the Penn State sex abuse scandal bear many similarities.

School Bullying Lawsuit: HS Student Attacked for "Osama" Name

High school can be a rough place and most people get bullied or picked on at some point in time. However, what happened to David Osama Haddad just across the border in St. John, Indiana, was a bit extreme.

In their school bullying lawsuit, the family of Haddad says that the high school student was taunted and harassed for over a year due to his Middle Eastern heritage. The abuse climaxed last week, when the young man was brutally beaten in a hallway at Lake Central High School. Haddad has not been back to school since and the family blames the school for not protecting their son, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Suicide Injures Others? Daniel Thompson Killed on Highway

In a bizarre set of circumstances, Daniel Thompson was killed as he walked naked onto the Tri-State Tollway into oncoming traffic.

It’s not clear what possessed the 35-year-old Robbins man to do what he did or if this was some type of suicide attempt. But as a result of his actions, three were people were hospitalized in an attempt to avoid striking the man, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

$43 Million Product Liability Lawsuit Against Ford Motor Reversed

A $43 million Ford lawsuit has been reversed by the Illinois Supreme Court.

In 2003, John and Dora Jablonski got into a somewhat routine traffic accident. However, allegedly due to the design of their car, the car blew up killing John Jablonski and seriously disfiguring his wife.

But despite the defect, the high court of Illinois said that Ford Motor Co. did not have to pay, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Why?

Chicago Porch Collapse Seriously Injures 1

One person was seriously injured in a Chicago porch collapse. The accident occurred in the city's Lawndale neighborhood at S. Albany Avenue.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the accident; however, it has been reported that the building was slated for demolition, says the Chicago Tribune. The injured person has been taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious to critical condition.

Chicago Traffic Accidents Cost City $11.3 Billion Annually

A study by AAA showed that Chicago traffic accidents cost the greater Chicago area $11.3 billion a year.

The study hopes to make the public aware of the huge financial costs of vehicle crashes by putting a dollar amount on the problem, reports the Chicago Tribune. For every person in the city, traffic crashes cost $1,112 per person.

Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago Sued for Sexual Abuse

The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago is being sued by an unidentified man for church sex abuse that occurred from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

The man accuses a church therapist, William Groendyke, of committing the abuse, and accuses the church of being negligent in retaining Groendyke, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.