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School Bullying Lawsuit: HS Student Attacked for "Osama" Name

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High school can be a rough place and most people get bullied or picked on at some point in time. However, what happened to David Osama Haddad just across the border in St. John, Indiana, was a bit extreme.

In their school bullying lawsuit, the family of Haddad says that the high school student was taunted and harassed for over a year due to his Middle Eastern heritage. The abuse climaxed last week, when the young man was brutally beaten in a hallway at Lake Central High School. Haddad has not been back to school since and the family blames the school for not protecting their son, reports the Chicago Tribune.

For the past year, Haddad dealt with a variety of abuse at school that included name calling like "Little Osama" and "terrorist." The student was even given gifts when Osama Bin Laden and Moammar Gadhafi were killed.

In the most recent, and violent, incident of abuse, Haddad says that he was attacked by a bully in the school hallway. As a result of the beating, the student suffered three hematomas on his head, bruises on both of his eyes and scratches, among other injuries, reports the Tribune.

Saying enough is enough, the Haddad family filed a lawsuit claiming that the school had known for a year that the 17-year-old was being bullied and failed to do anything.

Schools have the responsibility to keep students safe. And when a school is aware of bullying or other harassment by students, the school should look into the matter and take appropriate steps to protect the victim.

The Haddad family says that the Lake Central High School failed to take any of these steps. As a result, David Osama Haddad was beaten and they were forced file a school bullying lawsuit.

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