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Illinois AG Goes After Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor’s portrayed iteslf as the independent ratings agency on corporations and securities. The company provides an easy rating system that allows most lay people and people working in finance to compare complicated securities that would otherwise be very difficult to rate. Investors rely on S&P’s independence so that they can make rational, objective decisions on where to put their money.

In her Standard & Poor’s lawsuit, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says that somewhere along the way S&P lost its independence and ended up fooling many investors into buying highly-rated securities, which in fact ended up being highly speculative and extremely risky investments, thus leading to the 2008 financial meltdown, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Is 16 Years of Your Life Worth $25 Million?

Thaddeus Jimenez was 13 years old when he was convicted of murdering another teen in Chicago. In 1993, 19-year-old Eric Morro was walking with a friend when someone shot him to death. Jimenez was nearby and made an easy target for the Chicago police.

The police framed Jimenez for the crime, and coerced Morro's friends and other eyewitnesses to finger him for the shooting, reports the Chicago Tribune. As a result, Jimenez was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the murder.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Lake Shore Drive Apartment Fire

Shantel McCoy had just arrived at her apartment building after shopping for groceries. As she entered her building, she pushed the elevator button and rode up as she normally would. But as the elevator doors opened, McCoy was welcomed by a wall of flames and plumes of smoke.

The 32-year-old woman was killed in the Lake Shore Drive apartment fire, and now her family is suing the owners of the building in a wrongful death lawsuit, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit filed in July 4 Beach Fight

Last summer, we wrote about the July 4 beach fight that resulted in the death of 17-year-old Kevin Kennelly. It appears that Kennelly was playing the peacemaker role between a friend and then-19-year-old James Malecek.

That point may have been lost on Malecek as he punched Kennelly in the face, killing him. Malecek is currently facing criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter. Now he, his sister, and his mom will also have to deal with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Westwood College Lawsuit: Sued for Giving Out Useless Degrees

It’s hard enough these days getting a job if you graduated from an accredited college. Now imagine that you have to look for a job with a useless diploma from a college not accredited in your area. Further imagine that you were misled by the college’s high pressure marketing tactics, and now have tens of thousands dollars of debt and no realistic job prospects.

This is what allegedly happened to students at Westwood College, After numerous complaints of about useless degrees from the school, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan decided to champion Westwood students’ cause by filing a Westwood College lawsuit for fraud.

OMG! Groupon Deal, Yelp Review, Defamation Lawsuit

In a bizarre and downright immature case, a Groupon deal was used, a Yelp review was posted, and a defamation lawsuit was filed. But surprisingly, it wasn't a jilted business suing for an unfairly nasty Yelp review, but instead it was the customer suing the business for defamation.

Cecelia Groark purchased a Groupon deal for a food and wine pairing class at Bottled Grapes in Albany Park, reports CBS. However, the deal required that Groark confirm her reservation by responding to an email. Groark said she never got the email and when she called Bottled Grapes to find out where the wine pairing class was to be held, she discovered that her seats were resold since she never confirmed.

Pepsi Defends Mouse in Mountain Dew Lawsuit

PepsiCo offered an interesting defense to the mouse in Mountain Dew lawsuit -- their products are so bad for you that the acids in the soda would have dissolved the mouse into nothing before the consumer could have possibly opened the can of soda and found the dead mouse inside.

Roland Ball said he purchased a Mountain Dew from a vending machine and began to drink the can when he "tasted something foul" and spit out the soda, reports KSL TV. Ball said he poured the contents of the can into a Styrofoam cup and discovered the remains of a mouse.

Kyle Orton Fraud, Denny Neagle Fraud: Pro Athletes Sue Advisors

In the past several weeks, you may have seen headlines for Kyle Orton fraud or Denny Neagle fraud. In both cases, pro athletes, or former pro athletes, had given considerable amounts of their money to financial advisers who allegedly mishandled the money and lost it in questionable investments.

In December, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton and 20 other NFL players sued a Chicago law firm for more than $10 million after the firm allegedly gave bad financial advice, reports the USA TODAY.

Novartis Recall of Over-the-Counter Drugs Due to Mix-Up

Drug manufacturer Novartis triggered a sweeping recall of some of the company’s over-the-counter drugs due to manufacturing problems that may have led to powerful prescription drugs like Percocet being mixed in with common over-the-counter medications like Excedrin, Gas-X, NoDoz, and Bufferin.

The Novartis recall involves Excedrin and NoDoz made with the expiration dates of December 20, 2014 and Bufferin and Gas-X made with the expiration dates of December 20, 2013 or earlier, reports the Associated Press.

Stickney Cop Gets Rejection and Lawsuit w/ Date Request

Some people say that "no" is the worst thing that can come from asking someone out on a date. Stickney Police officer Christopher Collins would strongly disagree.

Collins used some smooth moves and creativity in an attempt to woo a young lady into having dinner with him. Instead of getting a date, the Stickney cop is now faced with a lawsuit, reports MyFox Chicago.

Pit Bull Attack on Jogger, Owner Escapes Criminal Charges

A pit bull attack in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago sent a jogger to the hospital. Fortunately, the heroics of one man may have saved the jogger's life.

On Monday morning at about 6:00 a.m., Stanley Lee awoke to screams of "Help me! Help me!" The 35-year-old man rushed outside with a baseball bat in hand and saw two large pit bulls mauling jogger, Joseph Finley, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.