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Are Hands Free Devices Any Safer?

The proposed Evanston cell phone ban has brought up the debate about whether use of a hands free cell phone device while driving is actually safer. The bill would ban all cell phone use while driving including the use of hands free devices.

Proponents of the proposal claim that motorists are just as likely to get into a car accident while driving regardless of whether they use a hands free device, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. According to some studies, drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident while talking on their cell phones, and this number does not go down even if a hands free device is used.

Opponents of the proposal wonder at what point government regulation will stop. Even if it is true that cell phones are a distraction, having a baby in a car is also a distraction, so would officials eventually want to ban driving with a young child in a car too?

A police official also offered that the number of injury accidents has in fact decreased almost 18 percent since the ban on hand-held cell phone has gone into effect, reports the Sun-Times.

The fact is that there are many things that can make driving safer. If the government wants to crack down on every possible distraction, talking to fellow passengers would be banned, radios would be removed, and screaming children and barking pets would not be allowed anywhere near a car.

The proposed Evanston cell phone ban pushes the envelope on controlling what drivers can do in their cars. Even if hands-free devices are not completely safe, at what point do the regulations become too invasive?

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