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Prison Inmate Can't Sue Bishop for 1960s Sodomy

It's been between 50 and 60 years since the alleged sexual assaults, yet according to Charles Anderson, 62, the experiences still affect him. The childhood abuse set him down a path that has led to a lifetime in the correctional system and a chronic need for counseling, reports the Courthouse News Service.

He claims in a federal lawsuit that former priest Thomas Windham sodomized him at Maryville Academy when he was not even 10 years old. He also alleges abuse by Father Cosmo at St. Joseph's Orphanage.

And now, a legal oddity is precluding him from bringing suit.

After Legal Fight, Colonoscopy, Inmate Still Has Huge Hemorrhoids

Prisoners can be a real pain in the butt. They often have far too much free time.

One of the many things they do to pass the time is file lawsuits. We're not talking criminal appeals here. They do that too, of course, but they also file lawsuits about everything from the soy content of food to their untreated golf ball sized hemorrhoids.

Yes, golf ball sized.

Brutal Burge Chapter of Chi History Closes; $7 Mill, No Apology

Is this the finale to one of the darkest chapters in Chicago law enforcement history? Yesterday, the City Council approved over $7 million in payouts to settle lawsuits stemming from police-sanctioned torture in the 1980s, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. However, even with the payouts, the victims’ attorneys are not satisfied; they are still waiting for an apology.

Michael Tillman will receive $5.37 million. He spent more than 23 years in prison. He confessed to the crime after being tortured for four days by Chicago police officers, reports the Associated Press. He was later declared innocent.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Sex Tape, Maybe?

She’s got the song of the year, and if the leaked uber-grainy video that hit the internet is what it proclaims, she might have the sex tape of the year as well. Earlier this week, Perez Hilton posted screen captures of a video that allegedly captured Carly Rae Jepsen performing sexual acts. The main protagonist in the film does very strongly resemble Jepsen, though Jepsen took to twitter to deny the film.

Unlike the Minka Kelly sex tape, hints of which were also leaked today, there won’t be any allegations that this is child porn. During not-Jepsen’s performance, the Katy Perry and Kanye West thriller E.T. plays in the background. The song was released last year. Jepsen, despite the teen-pop flavor of her music, is 26-years-old.

Lawsuit Filed for Teen That Fell to Death in Vacant Hospital

Earlier this month, some teenage trouble-making, in the form of trespassing in a vacant hospital, turned deadly when one of the teens, 16-year-old Jose Morales, fell through a hole in the floor. He dropped two stories before landing and suffered internal injuries and head injuries. He was later pronounced dead at the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, reports the Chicago Tribune .

His family filed a lawsuit against the building owners earlier this week.

Skinny Jeans Can Harm Testes; The Law of Comparative Fault

Sacrificing health for fashion isn’t exactly a new trend. After all, women have been wearing high heels since ancient Egypt. However, new research is showing that a more recent fashion trend could endanger that which men hold most dearly: their testicles.

There have been previous reports detailing the dangers of skinny jeans with regard to leg numbness and nerve damage. Now, the Telegraph is citing medical experts that are finding that skinny jeans pose an additional danger to male wearers: the twisted testicle.

Lawsuit: Cicero Cop Shot Unarmed Man in Back, Let Him Die

Another day, another police brutality and excessive force lawsuit, right? According to official reports and the Chicago Tribune, the shooting on July 6 in Cicero was simply a case of a cop shooting a gangster that pulled out his piece first. The article didn't even name the deceased.

According to the lawsuit filed last week, it was far more complicated than that. The complaint alleges that the deceased, Cesar Munive, was riding his bike when the police rolled up at high speed. One of the officers, Officer Dominick Schullo, pulled out his weapon and fired a bullet into Munive's back. The victim was then handcuffed and denied medical treatment during his last moments. He was unarmed.

You Trippin' Boo: The Law of Slip and Fall

Drip. Drip. Drip. Maria wondered who would get ice out of that nasty, rusted, leaking ice machine. Good thing there are rubber mats on the floor.

Her thought process was interrupted by the piercing screams of a woman that bore a striking resemblance to Betty White. Maria ran around the aisle and almost ended up on her keister. The leaky water had pooled and traveled into the packaged meat section of the grocery store, where an elderly woman was now writhing in pain on the floor.

This is what lawyers refer to as a slip and fall case. What should you do when you, or a loved one, ends up on the floor?

Is Berwyn Cat Hoarder Home a Liability?

Many of us are of the mind that cats are filthy creatures. These odiferous filthy felines, in addition to offending your olfactory senses, can carry a litany of zoonotic diseases, including bacterial infections, fleas, ringworm, and rabies. We won’t even mention cat scratch fever.

Okay, so they’re not all bad. Cats are adorable, loving companions. However, when they are not treated properly by their owners, and not kept clean, they can present a danger to those susceptible to disease and infection. This is especially true for those owners who think bathing a cat is a bad idea.

Buona Vita Meat Recalled for Listeria Threat

New Jersey-based Buona Vita Inc. recalled over 300,000 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat meat and poultry products produced in May, reports Reuters. The recalled meat-based products included meatballs, chicken and beef patties, and loafs of chicken and beef.

The health risk has been rated as "high", so you'll want to make sure none of the infected meat is in your home.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service, or FSIS, discovered the possible contamination through testing. The bacteria in question, Listeria, made news last year when more than 30 people died from listeria-ridden cantaloupe from Colorado.

More on the Train Derailment: Act of God?

More details have emerged on yesterday afternoon's train derailment. Workers found a second body in the car that was discovered under the rubble yesterday evening, reports the Chicago Tribune. The deceased, Burton Lindner, 69, and Zorine Lindner, 70, were on their way to dinner when their Lexus was crushed by the collapsing bridge.

The family intends to file a wrongful death lawsuit and a local judge has stopped the cleanup efforts to allow the family's investigators to inspect the scene. So far, however, it is looking more and more like an unforeseeable accident of act of God instead of negligence.

Body Found in Car Crushed By Derailment, Bridge Collapse

A freight train, carrying tons of coal, derailed in the Glenview-Northbrook area on Wednesday afternoon. The bridge under the train also collapsed. At this point, it is uncertain what came first: the derailment or the collapse of the bridge. A railroad official is cited by the Chicago Sun-Times as stating that the derailment happened before the bridge collapsed. What we do know, however, is that at least one person died after being crushed by the bridge.

What started as a clean-up effort of tons of coal turned into an investigation when the clean-up crew found a bumper of a car. The discovery halted the clean-up and brought out the police. A few hours later, a body was recovered from a car that was crushed under the rubble. It is unknown if there are any additional bodies, but the search effort is ongoing.

How Not To Do A Fireworks Safety Lesson ... Happy 4th!

As adults, we get it. Fireworks are dangerous things. They can be a lot of fun, but yes, they are dangerous. Unfortunately, kids sometimes need to be reminded. And what better way to remind the kids than to botch a safety demonstration by setting a bystander on fire?

Really? Yes. According to the Chicago Tribune, Hillside Fire Department Chief Michael Kuryla was demonstrating the power of legally purchased novelty fireworks when the accident occurred. He used a sparkler to light two larger fireworks that were placed in a canister on a wooden pallet.