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How to Sue the CTA

How do you sue the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)? This is likely one of many questions being raised after a mysterious Chicago Metro train crash involving a completely unoccupied train. In this recent crash, an empty "ghost" train ended up colliding with another one, one with passengers on-board, the Associated Press reports.

Passenger Kim Quatch, the first to file a claim stemming from this incident, is seeking at least $50,000 in damages stemming from this crash.

Though the cause is still somewhat unknown, there are likely to be other injured parties who will want to claim damages. If so, how does one go about suing the CTA? Here's a general overview:

'Ghost Train' Crash Injures Dozens, Increases Transit Worries

Investigators are still in the middle of determining the cause of a mysterious "ghost train" crash that left dozens of people injured. An empty Chicago commuter train that was parked in a service yard somehow ended up on a rail line and collided with an oncoming train early Monday, Chicago's WBBM-TV reports.

At least 33 people were hurt. Luckily, there were only minor injuries.

While the cause is still unknown, what are some possible liability issues that could be tied to this train crash?